2017 Heritage Open Days

posted 20 Aug 2017, 10:25 by IOM SRSA

Organised annually by Manx National Heritage, join in and enjoy for free the biggest heritage event on the Isle of Man, taking place this year over the weekends of 29 Sept - 1 Oct and 6 Oct - 8 Oct.  An opportunity to look behind the scenes and learn the story of a wide variety of heritage places and spaces on the Island.  Includes Steam Railway Workshop & Engine Shed tours on 30 Sept & 8 Oct, and Peel Railway Station tours on 1 Oct & 8 Oct. 

To view / download the full information leaflet, CLICK HERE.

Manx Steam Railway News - Summer 2017

posted 20 Aug 2017, 09:21 by IOM SRSA   [ updated 20 Aug 2017, 09:32 ]

The latest edition of our journal Manx Steam Railway News (No.172 Summer 2017) has been printed and is in the process of delivery to our members. 60 pages of news, views and recent events on the steam railway, historical articles of interest and a selection of colour and B&W photographs from various eras.

Copies of this edition will be available to purchase from selected retail outlets from mid September.

Members' Discussion Board Now Closed

posted 17 Aug 2017, 02:13 by IOM SRSA

The on-line IoMSRSA/IMR private discussion board (forum) which was being hosted independently has now closed.  Association members who have Facebook accounts can continue to comment on matters and discuss topics via our Facebook page Inevitably, the private discussion board was not going to deliver the same level of interest and debate seen on the previous public forum, with only a handful of members actually participating. We will however continue to review the range of on-line services that we are able to offer with the administrative resources we have available.

Island at War 2017

posted 8 Aug 2017, 01:31 by IOM SRSA

This year's Island at War events take place over the weekend of 18th to 20th August with a focus on the Steam Railway, but with outlying events taking place on the Friday at the former RAF Jurby, Saturday morning at the Douglas Horse Tram stables and Saturday evening in Laxey.

Please check with event Organisers to confirm times / dates before making your travel arrangements and setting out, as events may be subject to late change or even cancellation.  For further information, please visit or call the Isle of Man Transport Infoline on 01624 662525.

Guest Speaker after IoMSRSA Annual General Meeting

posted 13 Jul 2017, 10:42 by IOM SRSA   [ updated 19 Jul 2017, 15:45 ]

At the conclusion of this year's AGM business (Friday 28 July 2017), our guest speaker Bill Barlow will talk about his experiences working on the Steam Railway for Lord Ailsa during the summers of 1967 and 1968. Bill's talk will be accompanied by a slideshow of photographs taken by David Mitchell, who captured some fine images of re-opening day on 3rd June 1967.

Railway Cavalcade - New DVD from Duke Video

posted 10 Jul 2017, 01:12 by IOM SRSA   [ updated 10 Jul 2017, 01:14 ]

Railway Cavalcade - The Unique Railways of The Isle of Man. Released in June 2017, a new DVD featuring the Island's heritage railways has been produced by Duke Marketing Ltd. Running time 70 mins, Format DVD, RRP £16.99.

Description: "The Isle of Man has the most extraordinary collection of transport systems in the world. Not just the oldest surviving electric tramway and the world's only vintage horse tramway, it also has Britain's only electric mountain railway, a Victorian narrow gauge steam railway, a Victorian glen railway and a mines railway with the narrowest gauge in the British Isles which leads to the world's largest water wheel, still turning today.

With all these railways running throughout the season there's a lot to celebrate and each year the Island puts on a spectacular series of events. 2016 saw the 140th anniversary of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway as well as special transport festivals featuring travelling post offices, World War II re-enactments with military vehicles, a crashed spitfire on the mountain, musical entertainment and lots of opportunities for enthusiasts to enjoy special runs on both the steam and electric systems.

This DVD covers all of the main events and gives a general background to the remarkable railways that have survived on the Isle of Man. Using the latest cameras along with drone footage, this is an intimate and remarkable record of just one year in the world's premier railway destination."

Appointing an AGM Proxy

posted 5 Jul 2017, 14:23 by IOM SRSA

If you are a full member of the Association and you are not able to attend the 2017 Annual General Meeting in person, then you are entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote in your absence. For your assistance, we offer the following generic form of proxy instrument to use, which may be altered to suit your more specific instructions:

"I the undersigned, being a full member of the Isle of Man Steam Railway Supporters' Association Ltd, do hereby appoint the [chairman of the Meeting or insert full name of proxy] to act as my proxy to attend and vote on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the Company on 28 July 2017 and at any adjournment of that meeting. My proxy may vote as he or she sees fit or abstain in relation to any business of the meeting.

Signed: ______________________      Date: _______________, 2017”

Your proxy instrument should be sent by post or delivered by hand to the Registered Office of the Company (IoMSRSA Company Secretary, “Thornhill”, Bayrauyr Road, Ballamodha, Isle of Man IM9 3AT), to arrive not later than 48 hours before the time fixed for the meeting.

To assist members further, we will also be accepting a scanned image of a member’s signed original proxy instrument that is sent as a file attachment by email to, provided it arrives in our email service inbox not later than 48 hours before the time fixed for the meeting.

We are unable to accept other forms of electronic communication (including plain text emails and SMS text messages) as valid proxy instruments.

Donegal Railcars - What Future?

posted 4 Jul 2017, 05:04 by IOM SRSA   [ updated 5 Jul 2017, 08:44 ]

In our recent meeting with Mr Ian Longworth, Director of Public Transport, the subject of restoring the Donegal Railcars was discussed at some length, as we know their revival would be popular with many of our members and the wider Irish Narrow Gauge enthusiast community.

Isle of Man Railways too would welcome their restoration, but it was made clear that the Government will not be in a position to provide financial help, project management support or engineering skills to assist such a project in the foreseeable future.

Mr Longworth feels that even if the railcars were to be restored entirely by private / charitable funds, the railway would be unlikely to use them for timetabled services during the main season or in the shoulder period, as they are too small in terms of carrying capacity now that traffic levels have grown and they present unacceptable operational challenges without major design change on drivetrains and controls. Their use would in all probability be limited to special charters only.

In our view, a ‘Donegal Railcars Project’ will only have a chance of success if the asset were to be put by Government at ‘arms length’ (e.g. into a dedicated charitable trust) and their planned future operation made certain for wider public benefit. That would allow potential access to much wider charitable funding sources both here on the Isle of Man and further afield. We will be continuing to look for realistic ways to revive and progress the restoration of the Donegal Railcars in conjunction with other heritage organisations.

For view and comments, visit our Facebook page

Manx Heritage Transport Festival

posted 1 Jul 2017, 00:53 by IOM SRSA   [ updated 1 Jul 2017, 01:16 ]

The 2017 Manx Heritage Transport Festival takes place from 26th to 30th July inclusive.  To view / download the Information Leaflet  outlining all the events taking place over the 5 day Festival, CLICK HERE

A number of events require pre-booking due to their nature or space limitation. For more details and to book an event, visit or call 01624 662525.

Please check with the event organisers to confirm times / dates before making your travel arrangements and setting out, as events may be subject to late change or even cancellation.

Island at War 2017

posted 30 Jun 2017, 02:05 by Ed More   [ updated 30 Jun 2017, 02:09 ]

The popular 'Island at War' experience organised by Isle of Man Railways this year takes place over the weekend of 18 to 20 August 2017 with events being held at Jurby, Laxey and on the steam railway.  For more information, please visit 

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