Our Management Team

You can view the profiles of individuals on the board simply by clicking on their names.  Our present Board of Directors (& Charity Trustees) are:-

William Cubbon 


Ronald Cooper


Jeffrey Kelly

(Board Member)

David Booth

(Board Member)

Kevin Lewin 

(Board Member)

Duncan Longworth 

(Board Member)

Roger Webster

(Board Member)

Previous board members have included Tony Beard, Alastair Lamberton, Harold Flavell, Richard Booth, Richard Clark, Margaret Mansfield, Mike Goodwyn, Brian Foster, Alex Townsend, Robert Taylor, John Harris, Richard Evans, Peter Craine, Max Crookall, John Allen, David Quayle Mike Jones and John Partridge.

Below: Double headed action with No.11 Maitland and M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia paused briefly at Port St. Mary Station in November of 2022 with a post-season stock movement heading back into the capital.

The Board Are Supported By:-

David Beedan 

(Company Treasurer / Membership Secretary)

Grant Taylor

(Company Secretary / Journal Editor / Website Administrator)

Progress on the cosmetic restoration of No.5 Mona in the goods shed at Port St. Mary in February 2023.