The Isle Of Man Railway Museum




Established in 1975 in the former Isle of Man Road Services bus depot adjacent to Port Erin Station, the Isle of Man Railway Museum is home to a number of locomotives and items of rolling stock as well as many smaller exhibits aplenty.  It is open when the railway is in operation and accessed via the gift shop which is housed in the former goods shed with an entrance on Station Road at the foot of the platform.  On opening in the summer of 1975 it was home to M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia at the head of a Manx Northern Railway train consisting of Six-Wheeler N.41 and closed van Gr.12 and No.16 Mannin and the Royal Saloon F.36 and Governors Saloon F.75, joined the following year by No.1 Sutherland which was plinthed on an isolated section of track.  There have been a number of changes to the exhibits over the years, with No.4 Loch being displayed prior to her return to traffic following a successful appeal by the Association from 1998, her place being taken by No.6 Peveril.  A partial refurbishment by our volunteers took place in the winter of 2013/2014.

* Loco No.1 Sutherland (1976-1998, 2020)

* Ducal Saloon F.75 (1975-1998, 2000-)

* Six-Wheeler M.N.Ry. No.3 (1975-1998)

* Loco No.6 Peveril (1999-2023)

* Closed Van G.19 (2014-)

* Royal Saloon F.36 (1975-1998, 2000-2023)

* Drop-Side Wagon M.78 (Occasional)

* Loco No.16 Mannin (1975-2020)

* Three-Plank Wagon H.1 (Occasional)

* Loco No.5 Mona (Joined 2023)

* Restored Van G.1 (Since 2023, Occasional)

* Six-Wheeler M.N.Ry. No.6 (Occasional)

* M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia (1975-1993)

Volunteers : Happy In Our Work!

Above: Association volunteers cleaning No.6 Peveril in readiness for the start of the anniversary season in March 2023; peripheral jobs such as this are one of many happily carried out by our workforce to assist our very good friends at Isle of Man Railways. Work is always ongoing refreshing the interpretive displays around the main exhibition hall.

(Photo: Dave Booth)

Complimenting the large exhibits are a number of laminated photographs, items of ephemera, tickets, workshops equipment, interpretive displays provided by the Association and old posters.  There are also a large number of smaller exhibits including point levers, signal arms, destination boards, lathes and equipment, staff and ticket boxes, permanent way items, scale models, replica nameplates, hand lamps, carriage heaters, headlamps, level crossing gates, tinplate advertisements and much more.

No.1 Sutherland (1989)

Kirk Michael Running-In Board (2022)

No.1 Sutherland & No.6 Peveril (2022)

A Selection Of Lamps (2019)

A Selection Of Luggage (2017)

Station Master Diorama (2012)

No.5 Mona (2023)

No.1 Sutherland (2022)

Wagons M.78 & H.1 (2021)

Permanent Way Diorama (2021)

Office Diorama In Entrance

Saloon F.75 & Van G.19 (2014)

M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia (1991)

Royal Saloon F.36 (2023)

Van G.19 Detail (2022)

Drop-Side Wagon M.78 (2021)

Van G.19 & Saloon F.75 (2017)

Workshops Model & Display

No.16 Mannin (2019)

New Plinth For F.75 & G.19 (2013)

During Exhibit-Swapping (2023)

No.1 Sutherland - I.o.M.S.R.S.A. Special!

The Isle Of Man Railway Museum : Well Worth A Visit!