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Diesel Railcar Restoration

One of the most frequently asked questions is the possibility of the diesel railcars being restored to working condition, and much work was carried out during a 1998-1999 restoration which was halted owing to budgetary constraints.  The Association are very keen to see these historic vehicles returned to use but as such no project has yet been established.  Having a fund in place should work commence has been deemed desirable and you can donate to this by helping us ain an a number of ways as detailed below.  Please contact chairman Bill Cubbon for any furher details, we always welcome feedback on this or any potential project.


The Association’ s involvement with the diesel railcars dates back to 2007 when a report was commissioned by Alan Keef Ltd., to ascertain potential costs in completing the restoration which had commenced in 199 but was halted owing to budgetary constraints.  Since this time the units hav remained in storage in the workshops complex.  The report commissioned at the the time can however be viewed in full by following the link below:-


Ways You Can Donate

If youre donating to support a specific project or charitable purpose, please don’t forget to tell us otherwise we may apply your donation to any of our initiatives helping to promote and conserve Manx steam railway heritage.   To view our privacy policy before donating, click here.

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Please note:  If you donate towards a specific project or charitable purpose which, despite our reasonable endeavours or for reasons beyond our control, we are not then able to undertake or complete, our charity Trustees may apply your donation (or the remaining part of it) to our other on-going charity work - helping to promote and conserve Manx steam railway heritage.