Association Sales : Crest Postcards

We offer a range of our past and present publications for sale as well as postcards and a number of other items all produced and/or endorsed by the Association.  In addition to the listed back issues of our official journal Manx Steam Railway News the editor also possesses an archive of earlier issues also for sale, he should be contacted directly if you are interested in any of these, some of which date back several years.

Historical Crest Postcards

The 1905 Crest (No.6 Green)

The 1946 Crest (No.16 Red)

The 1968 Crest (No.16 Green)

The 1979 Crest (No.16 & Tram)


I.o.M. / U.K. Postage rate is 80p per set

How To Order

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All items are offered for sale subject to our available stock.

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