Ex-Lochaber Railway Runners

Second hand four-wheel runners obtained for departmental use and never used in regular traffic, the first of these was equipped with sides and a platform upon delivery which has since been removed; one of these is currently stored on Road Zero at Douglas Station between two bogie runners with another to the side of the carraige shed in derelict condition.  A third purchased was fitted with a new floor and is at the end of Road Zero; all are fitted with handbrakes similar in design to M.78 but none are in condition to run.





None Allocated




One of the small four-wheelers in September 2021 in the workshops Douglas Station carrying a pallette with replacement cylinders.

In February 2013 one the four-wheel runners minus its decking could be found at the buffer stops of the reduced siding in Castletown Station yard.

November 2022 and one of the runners stored on the short headshunt giving access to the carriage shed spur at Douglas Station.