Ballast Tamper No.1

Built in 2003 by Harsco Track Technologies of Michigan in the United States of America, this unique unit is capable of rotating on it’s own axis via a on-board hydraulic leg, and is usually stored when not in use at Douglas Station.  It sees regular winter work, most recently in connection with a relay at the rock cutting in early 2023.   Commonly stored on Road Zero at Douglas Station.




None Allocated


Harsco Technologies

Stored in the rear of the running shed at Douglas Station with No.8 Fenella in August of 2021, rarely used within the operating season.

Tamper No.1 in front of diesel electric No.21 in the running shed at Douglas Station seen in June 2018 where it spent that summer.

In celebratory mood in the running shed at Douglas Station during the Manx Heritage Transport Festival in July of 2022.