Protected Building Registration Proposals

Commencing in 2012, the Supporters' Association initiated a project to survey and document proposals for the remaining historical buildings and lineside structures on the Port Erin line to be afforded additional statutory protection, against future demolition or inappropriate alteration or use, by their addition to the I.o.M. Protected Buildings Register for buildings of historical and architectural significance.

Unfortunately during the intervening period, Port St. Mary Station and Goods Shed were declared by Isle of Man Transport to be surplus to the steam railway's future operational requirement. Subject to contract, the site was sold to a local developer for conversion of the buildings into commercial offices and a car park. The 2015 proposals for protected building registration were put on hold for later consideration by the Planning Department in light of planning permission already given on appeal for change of use and alterations to be carried out. However, the station building and goods shed have now been added to the register in October 2018.

The 2012 proposals for registration of Port Erin Station, Engine Shed, Goods Shed and Museum building were held in abeyance by the Planning Department to enable a local area regeneration project to be undertaken, which has now been completed. The Association prepared and submitted revised proposals and drawings to reflect regeneration project changes to the station building and its environs, these updated proposals have been reconsidered by the Planning Department and these structures have now also been added to the register in October 2018.


Railway Buildings Added to Register Since 2012:

Railway Buildings on Register Prior to 2012: