Profile - Margaret Mansfield

Margaret Mansfield was born and brought up in the Isle of Man, then went off to the fleshpots of the UK where she obtained a couple of good degrees. She then worked in advertising for Saatchi and Saatchi in London, for an airline, taught Latin, Greek and modern languages and generally enjoyed life while gaining experience in many different fields.

Like so many others, Margaret came back to the Island every time there was a crisis in her life and, after travelling extensively with her naval officer husband, they settled back in Castletown. She then became involved in fundraising in several different areas - equipment for Nobles Hospital, Romanian orphans, Age IOM (then known as Age Concern), the Barrovian Foundation at King William's College and then a spell at Ard Jerkyll where she succeeded in obtaining significant funding from the Lottery Trust and other funding sources both on and off the Island. Completing application forms for the Lottery Trust and other charitable organisations is an art in itself.

Margaret is currently a member of the Education Council and the Legal Aid Committee, as well as being a Malew Commissioner, so she is well-connected with the local media to enhance Association project publicity which brings in funding - as long as it's positive! Margaret is also well-networked in the business and financial communities throughout the Island , areas which are essential for successful fundraising.

She loves trains, although cannot claim any technical knowledge! Margaret just loves the mystique, the romance and the smell of the engines. She has been fortunate to travel throughout Europe and North Africa by train and although travel on the Orient Express is a little different from a trip from Douglas to Port Erin, the spirit of the railway is still there. She used to envy her school friends who travelled from Peel to Douglas (a long time ago!) by train and the overnight sleeper from London to Liverpool was so much more exciting than sitting in an airport waiting for FlyBe!

Margaret is delighted to be helping the cause of preserving and protecting the Isle of Man Steam Railway and helping to ensure its future, both financially and in the hearts and minds of the Manx nation.

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