“Pairs” Carriage F.54

Paired in 1923 using a new bogie underframe from the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd., of Saltley in Birmingham using the bodies from 1873 four-wheel carriages A.7 and C.10, in this form the carriage remained in regular traffic until withdrawn in poor condition in 1974; it then entered storage and had its doors removed, the carriage bodies being in poor condition they were removed and it became a bogie runner from 1981.  Following the rebuild of F.9 which was completed in 1991 this carriage was selected for rebuild which was completed in 1999, it being the final carriage to enter traffic in the then-standard purple lake livery.  Each of the first class compartments have mirrors, each of which bear the legend I.M.R. in the style of three of the Big Four railways of the United Kingdom; it is unique among the pairs in having a guards compartment, being an identifying factor when it was selected for restoration.  It is in regular traffic today.

Fleet No.:







F.54 (A.7 & C.10)


Paired 1923

7’ 0”

10’ 0”


In Traffic

July 1964 and F.54 at Douglas Station in the post-war red and cream livery, the only one of the pairs to have a guards' compartment.

November 2022 at Castletown Station and eletric lighting in use for the weekend services operated that year, an atmospheric scene.

F.54 in service at Port Soderick Station in the summer of 2021 showing the three first class compartments at the northern end.

Dusk in October 2022 and Port Erin Station with a tail lamp; the small lookout windows are not historically accurate and were larger.

F.54 in July 1969 at Douglas Station with the goods shed in the background, still in use regularly at this time.

Typical scene in April 1980 at Douglas Station, F.54 with doors removed prior to scrapping of the original bodies to become a runner.

August 2020 and first class interior detailing includes mirrors with the I.M.R. motif in three styles across the three compartments.