All Thirds Carriage Carriage F.11

One of four carriages supplied by Brown, Marshalls & Co., Ltd. in 1881 and in regular traffic for many years, this carriage remains unbraked which partially accounts for its longevity; the latter days policy was to not favour the older carraigs which still had wooden brake blocks and these were stored at St. John's where many were lost in the carriage shed fire there on 10th December 1975; this example was spared as it was still in regular use and stored at the time in the carriage shed at Douglas Station.  In regular use ever since, it was withdrawn in 2019 and extensively rebuilt by off-site contractors, returning in 2022 and in the process of being completed as at March 2023.  One of two to be similarly treated in recent times, the other being F.10 which returned to the railway in 2022 for completion.

Fleet No.:









Brown, Marshalls

35’ 0” 

7’ 0” 

9’ 4” 


Above: F.11 in the purple lake scheme which began being introduced to the rolling stock from 1980 complete with class designations on the compartment doors and fleet number appearing twice on each side of the carriages with the legend "I.M.R." in the centre panelling; this look was completed by the fine gold lining applied to the lower beading on the doors and sides.

(Photo: I.o.M.S.R.S.A.)

Repaint & Finishing

October 2022

Returning After Restoration

May 2022

Awaiting Full Repaint

June 2022

During Rebuild

November 2021

Douglas Station

June 1969

Peel Station

June 1968