The F Series : “Pairs”  Carriages

The early four-wheeled carriages delivered to the railway for its opening in 1873 with a further batch the following year when the south line opened, were the only carriages on the railway until the delivery of the first bogie carriages in 1881; the original stock was quickly close-coupled so that two carriages ran as one unit for ease of shunting and coupling.  Beginning in 1909 a scheme was commenced to mount these onto new bogie underframes supplied by the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., of Saltley in Birmingham and this would continue until the final carriages were to treated in 1926; thereafter the series were allocated numbering in the “F” series and were used at peak times, a rake being largely dedicated for schools traffic latterly.  There follows a list of each of these carriages and be clicking on the link to the left you can view details of each individual vehicle in the series:-