Pulrose Racecourse Halt

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Pulrose Racecourse 



Peel / Ramsey


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1 Mile 70 Chains

Closed & Lifted

Left: An approximation of the simple level crossing keepers' hut that existed at Pulrose Racecourse until the establishment over the overbridge; this is similar in many ways to the timber constructions that served along the south line, one of which at Mill Road just outside Castletown Station remains in place today and was fully restored by the Supporters' Association and returned to the site in 2017.  Other such huts existed at Ballalonna, Ballastrang, Ballahick and Kentraugh on the south line while crossings on the Peel Line were more commonly given stone lodges, many of which still exist today as shelters along the Heritage Trail.  Evidence that the level crossing at Pulrose Racecourse also served as a request stop can be evidenced by the image below which shows a traditional running in board to the rear of the lodge. The colour scheme here is imagined as green and cream which is how the existing survivor was painted upon completion of restoration works.

This site was established early in the history of the Peel Line as a level crossing which was later being replaced by a road bridge carrying the Pulrose Road, this was initially made into a request stop to serve the nearby horse racing circuit on the site of today's National Sports Centre; during the construction of the sporting arena at King George V Park or "The Bowl" a siding was laid here to allow spoil trains to be deposited.  The new bridge was made with two portals although only one was ever used, the siding shown in the photograph below being only temporary.

Crossing Keepers' Hut / Spur & Siding / Double-Portal Bridge / Level Crossing