3rd / 3rd  Class Saloon F.30

Second of the 1905 saloons,  delivered from the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd., of Saltley Works in Birmingham in 1905, this saloon was laid out as two separate third class vestibules and remained in this format until 1972 complete with its tramway style flip-over seating; at this time it had these replaced with uncomforable raked fixed seating, bus-style windows and an all-over red livery.  It ran like this for many years, the maroon and cream scheme being applied in 1981 at the same time as F.29.  Provisional plans were to include it as part of The Bar Set with F.31, F.32 and F.35 but these plans never reached fruition and it remained unaltered.  The purple lake livery was applied in 1992 but owing to the bus windows being retained this made for a rather unusual external appearance compared with other rolling stock.  The last saloon to retain the bus windows, it was withdrawn in 1999 and stored for some time before a refit was undertaken, seeing it revert to the post-war livery.  It became part of the dining train in 2012 and dining seating and corridor connections were fitted at both ends; commonly it is at the rear of the train next to Empress Van F.27 (ii).

Fleet No.:











36’ 11”

7’ 1”

10’ 3”

3rd Class / 3rd Class

In Traffic (Diner)

F.30 on the bay platform at Port Erin Station in June 1989 in the later nationalisation livery without lining and lettering detail.

Stripped down as part of a major refit in November 2010 prior to becoming part of the new dining train at the start of 2013.

F.30 at Ellenbrook as part of an Inside Track Special in its final guise., April 1996, the train also used F.29 and was headed by No.11 Maitland.

On the bay Port Erin Station in July 1969 saloon F.30 still with its two drop-lights in the central compartments, lost in 1972.

Progress with the major refit seen in March 2011 with the bulkhead partition which was removed to allow dining seats to be added.

F.30 at Castletown Station in July 1988 showing the marked difference in appearance in the middle of rake with F.10 on the left and F.25 to the right.

F.30 during a major refit in March 2011 prior to taking its place next to replica Empres Van F.27 (ii) as part of the dining train in 2013.

The utlity brown livery applied to F.30 at Douglas Station in April 1950, note the two style of opening window on the saloon.

F.30 with No.10 G.H. Wood at Douglas Station in May of 1993 showing the unattractive appearance of bus windows in that particular livery.