Photographic Charter : 7th September

No.11 Maitland is on photographic charter duty today with a train made up of Association rolling stock G.1, H.1 and M.78 together with the Foxdale Coach in its new paint scheme featuring a variant on the gold/blue lining.  The train departed Douglas Station shortly after 10.00am this morning for a day of photography along the line including run pasts at Keristal, Port Soderick, Crogga Glen, Ballabeg Station and various other locations.

Meanwhile No.4 Loch and No.13 Kissack are maintaining services which are operating daily throughout September to the standard “R” timetable.  Trains have continued to be busy and today every available carriage is in use, trains of five and six carriages are in operation.  The goods stock for the charter today were marshalled into Douglas on Tuesday evening by No.4 to be ready for the charter.

Daily services cease at the beginning of October when there will be no services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays through until the end of the season on 29th of that month.  It has been a successful season, marking as it does the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Peel Line which was marked in style with an extended Summer Transport Festival in July.  The south line anniversary takes place in 2024.