New Museum Interpretive Panels : 6th April

To mark the railway’s 150th anniversary celebrations and to tie in with the arrival of six-wheel carriage M.N.Ry. No.6, owned an restored by a stalwart Association member, the opportunity was taken in early 2023 to undertake a review of the interpretive signage in the railway museum, much of which was found to be out of date.  Accordingly new panels were prepared, including one detailing the Cleminson flexible wheelbase arrangement, and installed in the main exhibition hall shortly, pictured below is the progress on the new frames(currently being painted) for the display in the workshops together with those for the goods stock.

As well as the new panel for the six-wheeler, updated panels were provided for No.1 Sutherland to complement our recently installed Douglas & Peel United banner, refreshed signage for No.6 Peveril now containing more historical detail, histories to accompany both Gr.12 and G.19, factual panels to stand with Association-built wagons M.78 and H.1 as and when they are not in use for photographic charters, and a newly updated panel for Governors Saloon F.75 which was also found to be out of date.  This also includes a fleet list for all the pairs carriages.

Each of these interpretive panels include a QR code which, upon scanning, will bring visitors to this, the Supporters Association official website where further information on each item of rolling stock may be found.  Considerable time has been spent in expanding each section of the website in recent times in order to provide a detailed encyclopaedia of all things related to the railway as a useful online resource; this is under constant review and will be updated on an ongoing basis.  If you can help with any information, photographs and indeed spotting mistakes, please contact the website administrator who will be pleased to hear from you.

We are aiming to add to the displays in the museum including ways of engaging the next generation of Supporters, both with a small “s” and capital!  We are delighted to have been tasked by our good friends in the railway management to develop this side of things and will be posting further updates here as and when developments occur.  If you can help us develop the educational side of the museum please do get in touch.  Other projects ongoing at the moment include cosmetic restorations on No.5 Mona and No.9 Douglas as well as the restoration of the semaphore signal at Port St. Mary.