Working Progress On No.5 Mona  : 21st May

Progress is continuing by Association volunteers on the cosmetic restoration of No.5 Mona in the goods shed at Port St. Mary Station with smaller components now being assembled and prepared for fitting.  Two clack pipes formerly on No.10 G.H.Wood have been annealed and straightened and brass flanges made to fit them to the Gifford injectors.  Other work will include test fitting, and cutting down the pipes to suit, then silver solder the flanges onto the pipes.

The tank lids have also been temporarily removed to allow access when the time comes to fit the name and number plates.  Steam and vacuum pressure gauges for the cab are also being sourced and appropriate backing boards manufactured.  The locomotive is now nearing the point where the professional painters can commence the topcoat of spring green with black and white lining as it would have appeared in 1967 in order to be displayed as part of the upcoming 150th anniversary celebrations in July.