A Look In The Workshops : 15th  March ’23

Actitives in the works at Douglas Station including No.13 Kissack undergoing overhaul, saloon F.31 being repanelled with its new roof, the Foxdale Coach on its accommodation bogies and repainted, progression on restored composite carriage F.11, the newly repainted F.26 in the running shed with No.9 Douglas and the railcars in storage.  The season has now commenced and trains are running again for the weekend from Friday to Sunday, full timetable details here.

No.13 Kissack

Ongoing Maintenence

Composite F.11

Restored & Painting Ongoing

M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia

The Running Shed

Saloon F.31

Panelling & Interior Work

No.9 Douglas & F.26

The Running Shed

Restored Van G.1

Lettering Detail

Foxdale Coach F.39

Awaiting Lettering

Brake Composite F.26

Fully Repainted

Railcar & Driving Wheels

The Infill Shed