Brake Van Er.10

Inherited from the Manx Northern Railway upon the amalgamation of 1905, this van was originally part of a batch delivered for the opening of the north line and differed from its counterparts on the Isle of Man Railway in having lookout duckets with intergral roofs to the main body as illustrated in the photograph below.  Originally numberd as No.16 on arrival, it was allocated Er.10 upon takeover.  It had two sets of double doors whereas earlier versions only had one, and survived in use after 1905, notably on permanent way trains, the Railway Company using the inherited stock in a number of ways.  It survived for many years stored to the side of the old carriage shed at Douglas Station where it was photographed and measurements taken by the late Douglas Robinson of the SupportersAssociation.  It was removed in 1974 and taken to Ballasalla Station where it was sold for scrap along with many other items of historical stock at the time.  A remarkable survivor.  Based on drawings and notes taken the livery below shows how the van may have appeared, additionally it carried Manx Northern Railway crests on  the left hand guards’ door lower panel opposite the wording, traces of which could still be seen in 1966.  A similar vehicle, M.N.Ry. No.15 (referred to by some sources as having been renumbered to Er.11) was also inherited, with only two of these vans in total originating from Swansea.

M.N.Ry. No.:

I.M.Ry. No.












16’ 0”



How No.16 May Have Appeared On Delivery

Douglas Station With Lookout Duckets

October 1966 (Douglas Robinson)

Douglas Station Door Detailing

October 1966 (Douglas Robinson)

Douglas Station

April 1966 (Alastair Lamberton)