Third Class Saloon F.31

All thirds saloon from the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd., of Saltley in Birmingham delivered in 1905 as part of the first batch; later converted in 1980 to be the rear portion of the Bar Set and converted further in 2012-2013 to become one of the dining saloons; it was withdrawn in December 2022 to receive a new roof, panelling and reconfigured seating before being outshopped in the purple lake scheme, the first carriage to do so since 1999; the torpedo roof ventilators were also reinstated at this time, having been removed at the time of the 1980 conversion, making for an external appearance very close to as-delivered, complete with original Railway Company crests and class designations on the panelling.

Fleet No.:










36' 11"

7' 0"

10' 3"

Refurb Ongoing

Above: as delivered the saloon carriages carried the attractive purple lake and off-white colour scheme; in 2023 as part of a re-roofing, refit and partial alterations to the seating arrangements, F.31 was the first of the dining carriages to be outshopped in this scheme for the first time since 1999, with other dining vehicles following suit over time; the torpedo roof vents were also reinstated.  This carriage was fitted with corridor connections at one end in 1980 and the other in 2012.

(Photo: I.o.M.S.R.S.A.)

Ramsey Station

August 1933

Refit & Re-Roofing

January 2023

Douglas Station (Royal Train)

July 2001

Douglas Station Refitting

February 2013