The D” Series : Four-Wheel Carriages

There were only two of these series of carriage, both have been scrapped but survived to become pairs carriages; they were each 7’ 0” wide in common with the other four-wheel stock and 17’ 6” long being built with three compartments each capable of accommodating five passengers on each bench seat making a total seating capacity of thirty.  Click on one of the links below to find out more about each individual carriage, both of which had now been lost to history, one of the series of carriages no longer represented on the modern railway.  The carriages were each paired with two of the “A” series being A.3 and A.4, becoming pairs carriages F.71 and F.72, details of which can also be found in the respective sections of this site for more details; both survive today as bogie runners, the carriage bodies having been long since lost to history.

Four-Wheel Carriage D.1 (1873) 

(Third Class / First Class / Third Class)

Four-Wheel Carriage D.2 (1873)

(Third Class / First Class / Third Class)

F.71 (A.4 & D.1) April 1980, Douglas Station