Progress On Saloon F.31 : 6th April

Work is well in hand on the restoration of 1905 saloon F.31 in the workshops at Douglas Station where the new roof has now been completed and attention turned to the panelling; this has now had its beading applied as well as some of the mouldings around the windows and vents with a view to it being back as part of the popular dining train at some point next month.  The first dining train of the season will operate this evening (Thursday 6th  April) when M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia will take the first Pie & Mash train.

The finished saloon will be outshopped in the purple lake livery with off-white panelling detail, gold fleet lettering and class designations with two-tone scarlet/crimson drop shadow as it would have appeared on delivery; the finishing touch will be the application of the original Railway Company crest, new transfers of which have been produced.  First class designations will be applied to the panels.  It will re-enter the workshops after the close of the season to have gold and crimson lining applied to the external beading.

It is planned once this work has been completed and the saloon is back as part of the dining train, that attention will turn to Royal Saloon F.36 which will have some bodywork attention as well as internal work, then be outshopped in its current maroon and cream livery by colour matching the existing.  It will then re-enter the museum as one of the prize exhibits with a new interpretive panel, once again supplied by the Assocation, neatly complementing those currently in the museum or in progress.