Four-Wheel Carriage D.1

One of the first four-wheel carriages built for the opening of the Peel Line in 1873 by the Metropolitan Carriage &Wagon Co., Ltd., of Saltley in Birmingham, upon delivery of the first bogie carriages from Brown, Marshall & Co., Ltd., in 1874 this carriage was close-coupled with A.4 and later mounted onto a bogie underframe in 1920 to become F.73; both this carriage and D.2 were distinguishable by the door vents above the droplights, the central one being of a different design to the outer two for the first class compartment; in this form the carried survived in traffic until 1979.  It was withdrawn and the bodies were scrapped in 1982, the bogie underframe remains on the railway today, formerly numbered R.8 for a period.

Fleet Number:






D.1 (Later Paired With A.4 Becoming F.73)

30 (Third / First / Third)

1873 (Paired 1920)

7’ 0”

Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co.,Ltd.

17’ 6”

As Built, Livery Conjectural

F.73, D.1 Left

March 1979 Douglas Station

F.73, D.1 Right

July 1969 Douglas Station

F.73, Bogie Runner

February 2019 Santon Station