Photographic Update F.31  : 5th May

Progress is continuing on the refurbishment and repaint of 1905 saloon carriage F.31 in the workshops at Douglas Station with the first coat of purple lake paint having been applied this week; the carriage is due to return to traffic for the T.T. period next month joining the other saloons as part of the popular dining train.  Etched glass panels with the I.M.R. motif have been fitted to the northern end of the saloon where a storage area will be created in place of former single dining seats.

The railway is operating to the “R” timetable over the holiday weekend and to mark the coronation of King Charles III trains will carry shields and flags all day tomorrow, No.4 Loch and No.11 Maitland will be in traffic and following this evening’s Oriental Express dining service which was hauled by M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia, the Eurovision-themed Station Legends” train will also operate tomorrow evening.  The usual “R”  timetable will also operate on Bank Holiday Monday.