The Knockaloe Branch


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Knockaloe Branch

1st September 1915

14th October 1920

Peel (Spur)


Patrick Road

2 Miles, 10 Chains

Closed & Lifted

A station of sorts was established at the end of this short branch which came off the Peel Line outside the western terminus in connection with the alien internment camp, spurring off close to Glenfaba Mill, climbing steeply south just over half a mile until reaching Patrick Village where it turned sharply west along the access road into the camp itself.

This had been requisitioned having previously been Knockaloe Farm. The length of the branch was approximately just over one mile.  The branch, and station at its terminus, opened in 1915.  The line was established by the military and used to transport goods and food supplies to and from the new camp, internees marching to and from the base.  

A storage shed was built and this is still in existence today, sometimes wrongly referred to as a locomotive shed, the locomotive was always shedded at Peel, the wooden extension to the shed there being erected specifically for that purpose).  The line was worked exclusively by M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia with rakes of open wagons and no passengers.

Materials used for construction acquired from an Irish 5 0” gauge railway shipped off-island when operations ceased.  Some of the timber buildings were removed upon closure and saw use elsewhere on the railway as goods stores at St. John’s Station and Ballasalla Station and a variety of other locations on the island.

In 2023 the locomotive is scheduled to return to the site as part of celebrations for the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the Peel Line, deferred from a planned event to mark the centenary of the branch in 2020 delayed owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.  This event will take place during the transport festival.


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