3rd / 3rd  Class Saloon F.29

F.29 was the first of the saloons and was configured as two separate third class vestibules, a doorway being made in the bulkhead during a partial rebuild in 1989 which also included out-shopping it in the purple lake livery with gold lettering and two-tone green drop-shadow, as opposed to the original crimson and scarlet as shown below; it was converted to form part of the dining train in 2013 and fitted with dining seating and corridor connections at both ends, although the southerly connection remains unused as no further carriages have yet been modified to extend the dining train further. In 2011 the Association provided new seating moquette for this carriage during restoration works, these were used for a short time prior to conversion.  It was fitted with bus style windows in 1972 which were removed in 1988.  It is one of two saloons to have what are known as horseshoe tables, offering diners a view of the countryside as they travel.

Fleet No.:











36’ 11

7’ 1”

10’ 3

3rd Class / 3rd Class

In Traffic (Diner)

In September 195 F.29 was captured at Douglas Station in the all-over austerityt brown livery with class designations on the doors.

Outshopped in June 1991 in a purple lake livery but without beading detail and carrying the post-war crests, F.29 is seen at Port Erin Station.

August 2019 at Port Erin Station and F.29 was in service on a non-dining train, quite a rare occurence since this train was set up in 2013.

F.29 at Port Erin Station in July 1933 showing the original purple lake sceme with class designations on the panelling and company crests.

A private charter for the now-defunct Isle of Man Railway Society in June 1992 headed by No.12 Hutchinson arriving at Castletown Station.

Departing Castletown Station with No.8 Fenella in charge of a dining service, a rare occurence given the smaller series of locomotive.

In July 2011 the saloon was fifted with new seating moquette provided by the Association following a request from the incoming management.

Seen in September 1972 at Douglas Station, F.29 was one of several saloons to have bus windows fitted, with a new all-over red colour scheme.

In August 2014 the Association hosted a staff reunion marking forty years since the centenary celebrations of the south line.