Sulby Glen Station

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Sulby Glen

4th May 1880

13th Sept. 1965

North Line

 54.319°N 4.491°W 

Station Road

12 Miles, 10 Chains

Closed & Lifted


Station Building | Platform | Goods Shed | Goods Siding | Cattle Dock | Level Crossing

By 1982 the station had been converted into a private dwelling though the owners took some pride in showing its railway origins.

Showing the goods siding in the undergrowth as a train from Ramsey makes its departures, the rural nature of the scene is evident.

Showing the unusual design which was unique to this station, the overhanging canopy providing limited shelter for passengers.

An overview of the yard showing the solitary siding with an "M" wagon and the loading bay with its cattle dock to the right/

An overgrown platform in September 1972 prior to the rails being lifted and the station sold off for conversion into a private dwelling.

Neatly trimmed privit hedges and a smart running in board declaring the station name with the level crossing protecting the nearby road.

Approaching view from a northbound train in the latter days, running in boards now in red and off-white and a prominent flagpole.

By the 1960s the station was somewhat neglected, the timber goods shed replaced a former brake van body which previously served this purpose.

An early view of the replacement building showing the plethora of tinplate advertisements which were typical of the time at all stations.