Peel Station

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1st July 1873

7th September 1968

20th April 1969

1902 (Replacement Building)

Peel / Knockaloe Branch

 54.2219°N 4.6974°W 

Station Road, Peel.

11 Miles, 40 Chains

Closed & Lifted

Heritage Centre & Cafe

Terminus of the first line connecting with Douglas, located alongside the harbour in the western city, this station was initially supplied with a timber structure similar to that provided at Douglas Station but smaller, being placed at right angles to the track; an island platform with run-round loop was also provided and a timber goods shed.

By the turn of the century both of these had been demolished and replaced with more substantial stone structures which remain today in much altered form.  A sandstone locomotive shed and slate water tower stood at the end of the yard, the latter of which is still in place with its unusual slate tank; the locomotive shed also had an annex to the front and a crew mess room was also provided.  A cattle dock, weighing scale and loading dock were provided in a goods yard and at one time a spur connected the station to the harbour.

The platform was heightened so that that top running board of the carriages accessed it, similar to those seen at stations along the south line today.  The island platform was furnished with lamp standards and a run-round loop plus spur on the harbour side, being the arrival platform, the tracks on the landward side being designated for departures, along with a further lines serving the goods shed with its platform height door apertures.

This structure became home to the replica Viking longboat Odin's Raven in 1979, the main station being a fisherman's' cooperative after closure before the whole site was redeveloped to become the award winning House Of Mannanan in 1997.  The locomotive shed was demolished after closure but the water tower survives as part of a diorama also including a short platform, semaphore signal and four-wheel carriage body C.1 by the Peel Heritage Trust.

Station Building | Goods Shed | Locomotive Shed | Cattle Dock | Harbour Siding | Water Tower | Level Crossing

After closure in 1974 prior to the yard being lifted; it saw use as a boat park prior to the House Of Manannan being built in 1997.

The station building in 1974 when it served as a Fishermans' Cooperattive; this is now part of the House Of Manannan.

No.1 Sutherland returned to Peel Station for the Steam 125 event in July 1998, running on a short section of temporary track.

the frontage of the station building, unique among railway structures on the island, now part of the House Of Manannan.

No.8 Fenella at the station with the gasometer dominating the backdrop; the station changed little over the years.

The diesel railcars at the station with the 1902 structure at the end of the platform; this is part of the House Of Manannan today.

Showing the extent of the platform faces at Peel Station, the harbour on the left and station structures in the distance.

No.8 Fenella on a short section of track beside the water tower during the Manx Heritage Transport Festival celebrations.

No.11 Maitland with a train of three saloons during the latter days of the station being open to passengers.

The short-lived ManTainor ferry express service with a container on Well Wagon No.2 at the station in 1967.

An overview showing the full extent of the station in 1962 with the goods shed and yard on the right of the view.

Overgrown after closure prior to the rails being lifted in 1974 from the vantage point of the water tower visible on the left.

Carriage C.1 forms part of a diorama display a the throat of the yard next to the water tower on a short section of platform.

Another view of a train at the station, note the advertisement hoarding to the far right, typical of several stations on the railway.

One of the last movements at Peel Station in 1971, No.4 Loch with a rake of "M" series wagons at the station.