1st / 3rd Cardinal’s Saloon F.35

The first of two saloons to be fitted with first class interiors in one portion, this being slightly longer than the third class area, in common with Royal Saloon F.36; this became the central portion of three-saloon Bar Set with F.31 and F.32 from 1980 in conjunction with the ManxLine SeaLink boat train promotion, later painted into a plan red and white livery shared at the time by the bus fleet; 1993 saw it revert to a variation on the original purple lake scheme and again in 2000 when the familar post-war red and cream livery was reapplied.  Converted further in 2013 to become an integral part of the new dining train, at which point the bar was refitted and chemical toilet removed to become home to the inverter room.  At this time a new bar area with fridges and a coffee machine were also installed.  Disappointingly the once plush first class area with its flip-over seats latterly became something of a mess room (in every sense) for the dining train staff.

Fleet No.:











36’ 11”

7’ 1”

10’ 3”

1st Class / 3rd Class

In Traffic

F.35 at Douglas Station in June of 1963 in the red and cream livery, note the droplight window lost in 1972 when bus windows were fitted.

The stripped out first class interior in Douglas Workshops during the refit to become the central portion of the dining train, March 2011.

The first incarnation of the bar in F.35, this was later modified when the saloons became the Bar Set and had the red and white applied; May 1980.

Shortly after the launch of the SeaLink ManxLine boat train at Douglas Station complte with side board in April 1980

Outside Douglas Carriage Shed in April 1950 wearing the two-tone brown utility livery with class designations on the vestibule doors.

Fleet lettering detail on the central panel showing the gold leaf lettering with two-tone green drop shadow and black detailing; November 2018.

F.35 on the south line platform at Douglas Station in June 1969 whilst still in regular traffic; bus windows would be fitted in 1972

Forming the central portion of the dining train at Castletown Station shortly after re-entering service following a full repaint in August 2021.

First class designations on the northern end door reapplied for the first time in many years, July 2018 at Castletown Station on dining duty.