Four-Wheel Carriage C.7

Part of the first batch of four-wheelers to be supplied by the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd., of Saltley Works in Birmingham for the opening of the Peel Line in 1873, this carriage was close coupled in 1883 with C.22 and became F.65 shortly thereafter; the carriage survived into nationalisation although was not used after the 1972 season; the bodies were scrapped in 1983 and the underframes used for Ballast Hopper No.1.

Fleet Number:






C.7 (Later Paired With C.22) Thence F.65

30 (Five Passengers Per Bench)

1873 (Paired 1910)

7’ 0”

Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co.,Ltd.

17’ 0”

Port Erin Station

July 1969

Ramsey Station

September 1950

Douglas Station

September 1971