Further No.5 Mona Progress : 7th April

Work is continuing on the cosmetic restoration by Association volunteers in the goods shed at Port St. Mary Station as No.5 Mona takes shape ahead of the 150th anniversary celebrations later in the year; on 1st July a special day of services will operated to a unique timetable as well as the extended transport festival at the end of that month in the usual slot for the annual Manx Heritage Transport Festival.  All in all it looks set to be a bumper year on the railway with plenty going on.

On No.5, yesterday saw the vacuum pipes both front and rear refitted, two bungs installed in the back where the vacuum ejector and union to the vacuum gauge would be, surplus from elsewhere. Work also included a replacement standpipe to the front vacuum bag, this having been missing for many years.  This work complete, the locomotive is now effectively  “through piped much as an unbraked carriage or wagon would be.  A continuity test was then carried out and testing for air leaks.

Progress has also been made on the brass dome cover, removing many years of grime and dirt so that it shines again when refitted following completion of gloss painting and lining out by professional painters next month; all in all the locomotive is on course to make her debut in the spring green livery cosmetically restored in time for the anniversary.  In the meantime the railway is operating daily to timetable “R” over the Easter period with No.11 Maitland and M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia both currently in traffic.