Port Soderick Station

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Port Soderick

1st August 1874

15th November '65

South Line

54.126°N 4.537°W 

Station Road

3 Miles, 10 Chains

Open / Unmanned

The first intermediate stopping place on the south line, established for the 1874 and initially provided with a timber structure, a variant on those also provided at Santon, Ballasalla and Colby but now having a second room section as illustrated below in the c.1890 view.

Station Building / Two Platforms / Waiting Shelters

The imposing station building seen in August 1962 in a quiet moment between trains; this scene changed little over the years.

An early view of the 1898 structure which housed refreshment rooms and station masters' accommodation.

As the station appears today, the upper portion painted in more recent times with double garages added in 1992.

The original timber station, c.1890 was similar to that at Ballabeg Station, a smaller version of that which remains at Santon Station today.

Another early view of the site with a plethora of advertisement signage on the fences; showing how little the area altered.

Trains passing at the station in July 2022, No.4 Loch on photographic charter duty and No.11 Maitland with the 10.00am ex-Port Erin.

Waiting shelters were provided here more recently, two similar versions being former bus shelters, one on each platform.

By 1950 there was little altered about the site, the rear portion covered with ivy. Today this is a private dwelling, sold off in 1980.

No.11 Maitland with a dining train paused at the station in April 2022; these trains commonly pause here for food service.