Brake Composite F.15

This carriage was part of a batch of six delivered from Brown, Marshalls & Co., Ltd., of Birmingham in 1894 and is distinguished from the others of the series in having wider panelling between the compartment which is noticable when viewed externally.  It survived in regular traffic until withdrawn in 1998 and then stored in the carriage shed at Port Erin until 2020 when it was removed for restoration by off-site contractors, returning in 2022 and entering service; guards' compartment is at the Douglas end and the only carriage of its type in service, having wider partitions between the compartments, a trait shared with F.21 among others.

Fleet No.:









Brown, Marshall

35’ 0” 

7’ 0” 

9’ 4” 


F.15 in classic form following restoration posed for photgraphy after a test run on arrival at  Douglas Station in March of 2022.

One of two restored first class interiors complete with mirrors and scenic views along the route of the railway as was common, July 2022.

Road Three at Douglas Station and F.15 brought out following completeion of vacuum brake gear and re-entry into traffic in August 2022.

F.15 whilst in regular traffic at Douglas Station in June of 1969, note the limited lettering on the compartment doors in classic style.

F.15 undergoing substantial rebuild in the workshop complex at Douglas Station as work nears completion in January 2021

Pre-restoration having just been marshalled into Douglas Station on the front of a service train prior to work commencing in June 2019.