Breakdown Crane No.2

Arriving in 1893, the second crane was a larger construction than the first and came with its own fallplates, and also had matchtrucks over which the jib could be transported when out on the line; Er.10 was also used with this to form a proper breakdown train, lettered “Loco Dept.” along its sides.  Used several times as photographic evidence attests, it seems to have spent most of its life in the goods yard at Douglas Station and was a familiar site at Ballasalla Station after nationalisation, and later Castletown Station from where it was taken by rail into the terminus to be lifted and taken to the Ellersie Depot of the Highway Board to be restored and plinthed on the Rail Trail at Union Mills Station where it remains today.  It would ideally be displayed on the working rail and is now only disturbed by the occasional walker.





Crane No.1

Richard C. Gibbins


Union Mills Display