A Busy Week Of Charters : 28th April

The railway has played host to the annual photographic charter organised by David Williams this week, with the usual mix of trains including run-pasts and static shots, Tuesday and Wednesday being non-running days giving more flexibility.  No.11 Maitland and M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia have both been used by the group, as have recently restored pairs carriages F.62 and F.63 joined by F.49 and freight stock Gr.12, H.1 and M.78 on certain days.  Wednesday saw the four saloons in use.

Following the last charters on the morning of Thursday 27th April, stock was rearranged so that on the 11.50am ex-Douglas Station on  28th April H.1 and M.78 were returned to the railway museum for display in readiness for a visit by the Lieutenant Governor next Tuesday; this proved an idea time to send the new display boards provided by the Association which were loaded into H.1 for the journey south and will take their place over the weekend prior to this special visit.  Timetable “R” continues to operate daily, but there are no service trains on Tuesdays in May, daily services for the summer commencing on Thursday 24th May.

This busy week for the railway follows a special private train for the official inaugural trip of restored six-wheel carriage M.N.Ry. No.6 which took place last Saturday, 22nd April headed appropriately by M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia and also using F.49, departing Douglas Station at 3.25pm for the trip to Port Erin; unfortunately the carriage, owned and restored by a stalwart Association member, ran hot and caused minor delays to the timetabled services which it crossed at Colby Station as below.  The carriage is presently in the running shed at Douglas Station where it will remain for the time being.

More detailed notes and photographs covering all operations wil appear in the spring Manx Steam Railway News due in June, members should now be in receipt of Issue No.189 which was dispatched following some delays earlier this month; owing to postal costs and time constraints the full event leaflet was unfortunately not included with the last issue but is available directly from our good friends at Isle of Man Railways by contacting publictransport@gov.im who will be more than happy to assist.

No.4 Loch on the 11.50am ex-Douglas Station which operated as a mixed train on Thursday 28th April to marshall wagons south for the visit of the Lieutenant Governor next week.

The 11.50am ex-Douglas Station with No.4 Loch in charge passes the starter signals commencing its journey south on 28th April. 

The new interpretive panels destined for the railway museum stowed in H.1 as part of the 11.50am ex-Douglas Station on Thursday 28th April.

No.11 Maitland makes an early morning departure from Douglas Station bound for Keristal on Wednesday 27th April with F.62, F.63 and F.49 in tow.

M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia at Port Soderick with the charter on 26th April with M.78, H.1 and Gr.12 before heading back into Douglas to deposit the wagons.

M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia at Castletown Station  with the charter on 26th April marshalled with F.49 to the rear for braking purposes in the morning.

Exchanging staffs at Colby Station with the private train with restored six-wheeler M.N.Ry. No.6 on the afternoon of 22nd April, passing No.4 Loch with the service.

The view in Crogga Glen during the photographic charter prior to run-pasts under Meary Veg bridge.