Empress Van F.27 (ii)

This replica vehicle was based on the stripped-down original, the underframes of which survive today; it has built on a new steel underframe (two sets of which were purchased at the same time) and is modelled on the original with detail differences to accommodate the kitchen, toilet and generator room in the guards' compartment.  Externally very similar to the original on which it is based, though carrying the fleet livery of red and cream which historically it would have carried, it was outshopped in August 2013 and has since been in regular use as part of the railway's dining train.  Complete with corridor connection to the saloon carriages at the southern.  Lookout duckets were incorporated into the design as per the original though these do not have the lamp housings atop them.  Some windows and louvered ventilators across the top section have been amended to suit the kitchen ares.  The appearance is largely faithful to the original, notably the long horizontal handrail along its length has not been fitted and the fleet lettering appears in the top corners.  Since entering service it has clocked up many miles, likely far more than the original.



Over Ducket:





35’ 0”

7’ 0”  

8’ 2”


4’ 6”

9’ 4


April 2022

Port Soderick Station

May 2022

Douglas Station

August 2013

Castletown On Trials