Quarter Bridge Halt

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Quarter Bridge Halt

25th June 1928

15th May 1929

Peel / Ramsey

Quarterbridge Road

1 Mile, 0 Chains

Closed & Lifted

Established upon the opening of the Peel Line as a gated and manned level crossing, the first encountered outside the terminus at Douglas Station, a small gatekeepers' hut of stone was built here, and later a full crossing keepers' house, both of which remain extant today, though the former is derelict and the latter has become a private dwelling since the line's closure in 1968.  There was a short-lived halt established here in April 1928 as well as a small cattle loading dock, but these lasted only one year and by September of 1929 were aband0ned, though the crossing remained manned until the railway closed.  It is likely that during T.T. race periods trains did still stop here owing to its close proximity to the mountain course.  There exists some promotional material advertising this crossing as a request stop contemporary with these dates.  Semaphore signals operated by windlasses were installed to give the gatekeeper communication with approaching trains to confirm the gates were set for the trains to safely approach.  Of note was the signal on the western side which was latterly fitted with a backing board to allow the signal arm to be seen clearly against a white backdrop.

Since the railway was closed and the tracks lifted the walling which surrounded the crossing gates was removed to improve road access from the southern approach to the major road junction, and in 1988 the area became the point of entry for the new T.T. access road which was established along the trackbed to give access inside the mountain circuit when the roads are closed for racing.  Nearby is a plaque denoting the area as the starting point for the Gordon Bennett trails in 1907, precursor to today’s T.T. races which was unveiled as part of the centenary celebrations.  The small hut remains though the roof was removed in 2020 and windows boarded up. The area received a macadam surface as part of an active cycleway on the trackbed in 2021.  The bungalow which was once the home of the resident gatekeeper was sold off in 1978 and remains a private dwelling today, located at the western end of the crossing site.

Level Crossing / Crossing Keepers’ Hut / Gatekeepers’ House

The diesel railcars approaching the site of the former Quarterbridge Halt in July 1963 © Colour Rail, the keepers house in the rear.

The diesel railcars approaching the site of the former Quarterbridge Halt in 1964 showing the crossing gates to good effect.

View from the train approaching the level crossing with its semaphore signal complete with backing board.

No.5 Mona on the approach to the level crossing in July 1963; the boundary fence was for King George V Park nearby.

Looking west from the level crossing gates showing the keepers' house which remains in situ today as a private dwelling.

The crossing keepers' hut which is still on the site today; this was the start/finish line of the original T.T. races.