“Pairs” Carriage F.63

Paired in 1910 using a new bogie underframe from the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd., of Saltley in Birmingham using the bodies from 1873 four-wheel carriages B.6 and B.10, in this form the carriage remained in regular traffic until the summer of 1987 after which it was withdrawn in poor condition together with several others of the series; it then entered storage, initially in the old carriage shed at Douglas Station until this was demolished in 1999, after which it spent a number of years stored on a new spur to the side of the new carriage shed before being moved to Port Erin in 2011; moved annually to Port St. Mary and stowed in the siding each T.T. week to allow the saloon carriages to be stored at Port Erin overnight, it was taken back to Douglas in February 2021 and later left the island for restoration by Stanegate Restoration, from where it returned completed in February 2022 and trialled the following month before re-entering traffic.  Today it sees regular use as part of the main fleet.

Fleet No.:







F.63 (B.6 & B.10)


Paired 1910

7’ 0”

10’ 0”


In Traffic

Delivery day in February 2023 just arrived from Stanegate Restorations and outside the carriage shed at Douglas Station.

Passing through Castletown Station with F.62 and No.4 Loch in January 2013 and saloon F.29 on the rear for braking purposes.

F.63 stored at Port St. Mary with other carriages in July 2008, including F.25, F.66 and F.67 during the busy T.T. period.

One of the restored interiors, F.63 consisting of two "open thirds" with no compartment dividers making it popular with groups; March 2023.

F.62 leaving the railway in February 2021 bound for Stanegate Restorations where excellent work was carried out, also to F.62.

Leaving Port Erin Station heading for restoration, note the Foxdale Coach also in use as No.4 Loch makes her departure, February 2021.

Fleet lettering detail on F.63 in March 2023, copying the post-war style of gold letters with two-tone green drop-shadow.

No.12 Hutchinson shunting F.63 at Port Erin in April 1981 with lamps as The Southsider on the locomotive typical of the time.

A finishing touch, the original four-wheeler carriage numbering on F.63 (B.10) and her restored sister F.62 (A.1); March 2023