The H” Series : Three-Plank Wagons

Twenty of these six-ton three-plank, centre door open wagons were built for the opening of the Peel Line in 1873 and over time a dozen similar vehicles were delivered to the Manx Northern Railway when it opened in 1879, and further small batches brought the total to forty-six by 1926.  One of these wagons was used (with suitable side rails attached) to carry the military band on opening day in 1873. The Association built one of these from scratch in 2000 following an earlier project to restore M.78 two years previously. It has been given the number H.1, and has been through piped for vacuum brakes to meet with current safety regulations. This was the second project undertaken by the supporters, the first being the re-building of a ballast wagon M.78 and followed by van G.1.  The restored wagon sometimes appears in use with sheep rails.

Wagons H.1 (i) - H.20 (1873)

Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd.

Wagons H.21 - H.26 (1877)

Ashbury Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd.

Wagons Hr.27 - Hr.38 (1879)

Swansea Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd.

Wagons Hr.39 - Hr.45 (1900)

Hurst, Nelson & Co., Ltd., Motherwell.

Wagon H.46 (1918)

Isle Of Man Railway Co., Ltd.

Wagon H.1 (ii) (2000)

Isle of Man Steam Railway Supporters’ Association

One of the series in April 1950 outside the workshops at Douglas Station with sheep rails fitted, with a myraid of other freight stock.

H.1 (ii) stored in the workshop complex in August 2019 at Douglas Station with the Association worksplate prominent on the bulkhead.