Half-Brake Carriage F.49

The last carriage to be delivered to the railway, from the usual suppliers, the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd. of Saltley Works in Birmingham in 1926, this carriage has been in virtually constant service since it was delivered and is the last of its kind to remain in traffic, one of two to still exist.  F.49 was fitted with Timken roller bearings from new making it unique.  Built to the same design as the other half-brakes beginning with F.33, only one other remains today, F.43 which was withdrawn in 1983 and is currently stored in the carriage shed at Port Erin Station.  

Internally, the large luggage compartment which occupies half the body is fitted with lookout duckets at its northern end and a bench seat running the width of the interior; it also has a letter rack mounted on the bulkhead, this still sees use during the annual transport festivals when the carriage is used as a Travelling Post Office for the issuance of first day covers and limited edition stamp sets. It also retains its non-return drop-safe which was used for cash takings, and a large shelf at the other end doubles up and can be used to create a small livestock pen by fitting into slots.

In 1990 it had a major overhaul and emerged from the paintshop in the early purple lake and off-white scheme with original lettering including Luggage Compt. on the double doors, appearing largely as it would have done upon delivery, though carrying the later crests.  A major overhaul then took place 2019-2020 which saw the body lifted to allow a major overhaul of the underframes and bogies, returning to traffic in 2020.  It is generally used in a rake with the other large F carriages and based on the Douglas set, useful for the transportation of prams, pushchairs and bicycles at busy times.

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In Traffic

Above: F.49 is the last surviving large half-brake in traffic and remains in daily service throughout each season in the post-war red and cream livery; the body was lifted from the underframe for the first time in 2019 and heavily overhauled and the carriage received new flooring.

(Photo: I.o.M.S.R.S.A.)

F.49 in July 2022 as part of a photographic charter at Santon Station with restored pairs carriage F.62 also on the train.

F.49 undergoing rebuild in 2020 at Douglas Station with a new floor in the process of being fitted in the luggage compartment.

F.49 in purple lake and off-white at Port Erin Station with well-known and much missed railway character Jack Petri as guard.

The view through F.49 passing the northbound train at Castletown Station as seen by the passing guard in the summer of 2022.

In August 2022 F.49 was in use unusually on an Ultimate Driving Experience seen ready for departure from Douglas Station.

The view from the luggage compartment as seen by the guard with F.49 at speed heading south in July 2022, note the drop-safe.

F.49 at Douglas Station in the summer of 1998 in the purple lake and off-white livery with panelling picked out.

F.49 being washed at the start of another busy day at Douglas Station in the summer of 2022 by Association secretary Grant Taylor.

Emerging from the workshops following a full repaint in March 2022 at the Road Two platform at Douglas Station, F.49 looks smart.

June 1969 and F.49 at Port Erin Station in the red and cream with Ailsa era crests applied to the panelling as standard at the time.

F.49 with No.11 Maitland at Port Erin Station, note the I.M.R. lettering in the upper panel and post-war crest applied.

Douglas Station in March 2009 and a very special last journey for Association stalwart Tony Beard whose coffin is being placed.