Brake Composite F.25

Part of the final batch of Small F carriages from Brown, Marshalls & Co., Ltd., of Birmingham, this carraige survived in regular use until the 1998 season when it was withdrawn in need of bodywork attention and stored; the guards' compartment of this carriage is at the northern end, in common with F.15 which remains in service today.  Stored in the carriage shed at Port Erin Station in recent years, it had the purple lake livery applied in 1985 as part of a partial refurbishment which also saw roof boards added in an attempt to make the roof profile match later rolling stock.  This had the unfortunate effect of retaining water on the roof which ultimately led to the carriage's untimely withdrawal from traffic.

Fleet No.:










35’ 0” 

7’ 0” 

9’ 4” 


Shortly after a repaint at Douglas Station in April 1985, note the strip along the roofline, an attempt to make the height match later stock.

Stored and withdrawn in the carriage shed at Port Erin Station in October 2020, the boards are from a period of open storage.

Douglas Station in July 1968 and F.25 in traffic wearing the red and cream livery applied to rolling stock from c.1946.

F.25 in service on the Road Three platform at Douglas Station in July 1991 carrying the purple lake and off-white standard livery.

Out of season storage for F.25 in the carriage shed at Douglas Station in November 1985 in the purple lake livery with gold/blue lettering.

Coupling detail at Port Erin Station in April 1985; the muddy ends were typical at the time, a result of the trackwork at that period.