The F” Series : M.N.Ry. Bogies

Ordered in 1899 from Hurst-Nelson of Motherwell, these two carriages were the first bogie vehicles built for the Manx Northern Railway (the earlier Foxdale Coach being for the Foxdale Railway); they were first for a number of reasons on the island: first constructed on steel underframes to have electric lighting from delivery.  They were to act as through coaches on the competing Isle of Man Railway into Douglas Station, the latter company being dissatisfied with the quality of the six-wheel stock operating on their metals.  The first has a guards compartment and two first class compartments while the second is all third class.  Their appearances resemble the later Metropolitan bogie stock F.45 and F.47 though there are a number of detail difference, notably in the exterior mouldings, grab rails, door handles and lookout window shaping.  The solebar arrangement also differs in that the section is the opposite configuration.  Click on the links for detailed information about each of the carriages.