Work On No.5 Mona  Nears Completion : 9th July

Progress continues on the Association's cosmetic restoration of No.5 Mona in the goods shed at Port St. Mary Station as the project nears its final stages ahead of participating the Summer Transport Festival at the end of the month.  The coupling and connecting rods have been refitted which was achieved by backing the locomotive out of the shed until the cranks were in the correct position just outside the doors.  Surface corrosion was removed prior to fitting.

Once completed the locomotive was jacked up until the rear wheelset was clear of the rails and rotating them until they alighned with the rod lengths.  All painting, lining out and lettering detail has been completed and the varnish applied, and Ailsa period waterslide crests fitted to the water tanks to complete the period appearance.  The numeral on the bunker was applied using templates taken from the 1967 original, tracings of which were taken earlier.

The railway continues to operate daily to timetable “R” today, with yesterday seeing timetable “S” in place with trains of six carriages operating for the World Tin Bath Championships which took place in CastletownThe “R” timetable will continue throughout next week, Thursday seeing the evening U” service also operate.  The extended Summer Transport Festival also takes place at the end of the month from 23rd - 30th July 2023.