Evening Stock Movements : 19th April

There was a stock movement train yesterday evening following the arrival of the last service train in Douglas Station at 5.0pm; No.4 Loch took F.49 to Port Erin to collect restored six-wheeler M.N.Ry. No.6 in readiness for a private train later this month, and goods stock, Gr.12, H.1 and M.78 for photographic charters next week; these were in the railway museum and required moving No.11 Maitland from the locomotive shed in order to gain access.

The opportunity was also taken to return Royal Saloon F.36 to the museum temporarily, using No.24 Betsy to retrived it from the carriage shed as well as runner F.57 which was returned to storage there.  The unusual train then returned back to the terminus pausing briefly at Castletown Station and Santon Station, stock being shunted for storage upon arrival.  The railway continues to operate daily at present and timetable R is in force all this week.