M.N.Ry. Carriage No.6 (N.45)

As with the similar No.5, the end compartments are a narrow 4’ 9” wide, and the carriage differed from the remainder of the series, being braked and arranged as Guard / 3rd 3rd / 3rd 3rd / 3rd, there being full-height partitions for a pair of compartments and between Guard and 3rd Class; whereas the similar No.5 was reconfigured a number of times over the years, No.6 remained as supplied.  Having spent some time unusually under cover at St. John’s after withdrawal, this carriage was selected for preservation and bought in 1975 by Supporters’ Association member Julian Edwards, residing in a purpose-built shed in the north of the island while a long-term restoration was undertaken.   For the next four decades progress was made and by 2021 the largely complete vehicle returned to the railway for trails and fitting of through-piping for vacuum brakes.  By the end of 2022 it had successfully travelled the entire length of the south line, possibly for the first time ever in its career, and took up residence in the railway museum in 2023, venturing out occasionally for special events when, for a premium, members of the public may travel in it.  The standard of restoration is exemplary and can be viewed at close quarters in the museum, as can the original rather sparse third class interiors retaining their original horsehair seats.

Original No.:

Later No.:





Wheel Dia.:


M.N.Ry. No.6

I.M.R. N.45




30’ 0”



Above: restored across a number of years to its original appearance, M.N.Ry. No.6 with varnished teak panelling and class designations on the doors complete with blue drop-shadow believed to have been the case, similar to the colouring of the Manx Northern Railway crest; remarkably there were traces of the original lettering on several of the panels making it possible to effectively trace over the originals to create the correct look for the carriage. The oil lamp housings illustrated here have not been fitted to the restored carriage which returned to the railway in 2022.

(Photo: I.o.M.S.R.S.A.)

During April 2022 the carriage was put on test following through-piping for vacuum, seen here at Port Soderick Station on the first run.

During the April 2022 test trains, showing the spartan Third Class interior while at speed; this is very much how it would have been in traffic.

April 2022 at Douglas Station showing comparisons with bogie stock, in this case “pairs  carriage F.62 to the right and F.45 on the left.

Gauging trials in the railway museum during  February 2023 following relay of the track in the main exhibition hall.

During July 2022 the carriage was used for a photography session, seen here at the conclusion of that event with No.13 Kissack in Douglas yarsd.

April 2022 at Santon Station paused during one of the initial trial runs following installation of piping for vacuum connections.

February 2023 on gauging test in the bay platform at Port Erin Station, this was a success and the running boards are clear of the platform edge.

August 2022 and the carriage was again on test at Love Lane Bridge in Castletown, the tightest curve on the line successfully negotiated.

June 2022 in the running shed at Douglas Station showing the through-vacuum piping arrangement unique to this carriage.