Closed Van G.19

The last van of the series, built on the frames of brake van E.3 and thereby making it the final brake van in existence, this van was converted for use as a mobile mess room for permanent way gangs and fitted with tree-lopping platforms and windows, stored in the summer months on the siding at Ballasalla Station until withdrawn in the winter of 1989/1990 after which it was stored.  It was put on display in the railway museum from February 2014 as part of a refresh of the exhibits undertaken by the Supporters Association and mounted on an isolated plinth with Governors Saloon F.75 where it remains today in unrestored condition, although the foldable lopping platforms have been removed and the van painted in a non-prototypical mid-grey scheme.

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G.19 (Frames Ex-E.3)


Isle Of Man Railway Co.,Ltd.

7’ 0”

8’ 0”

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14’ 6”

Railway Museum

G.19 was the last van constructed, and saw use by the permanent way department until the winter of 1989/1990 as a portable mess room fitted with tree-lopping platforms and windows.

(Photo: I.o.M.S.R.S.A.)

Seen in July of 1990 in its familiar haunt of the former goods siding at Ballasalla Station with the tree-lopping plaforms shown to good effect.

March 2015 and G.19 prior to some painting into a mid-grey scheme and removal of the tree-lopping platforms in the Railway Museum.

In February 2014 as part of a refresh by Association G.19 entered the railway museum at Port Erin Station, with No.24 Betsy.

Fleet lettering detail applied to the van after its last repaint while on display in the museum; this was the last van of the series.

September 2019 and G.19 on its dedicated plinth in the Railway Museum together wiih Ducal Saloon F.75 to the left.

Stored in the carriage shed at Port Erin Station in August 2009 showing the window cut into the bulkhead when used as a mess room/