Three-Plank Wagons H.1 (i) - H.20

This first batch of twenty identical wagons were supplied for the opening of the Peel Line in 1873; of particular note, the Association constructed a replica of H.1 in 2000, H.20 was rebuilt in 1894 and the remainder have all since been scrapped, the last to survive being H.7 and H.19 which succumbed in 1962, with H.5, H.9, H.14 and H.16 being disposed of the previous year.  H.4 was scrapped in 1959, H.8 and H.10 were lost in 1958, with H.3, H.6 and H.15 going in 1955.  H.2 was dismantled and stripped for spare parts in 1954, H.13 was scrapped in 1949 and H.16 the previous year.  

Fleet Nos.:





H.1 (i) - H.20



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Outside the workshops complex at Douglas Station, one of the early series of the wagons carrying sheep rails.