“Pairs” Carriage F.66

Purchased as two four-wheel carriages in 1873 from the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd., of Saltley Works in Birmingham and later allocated fleet numbers B.11 and B.15, by 1881 these two carriages had become close coupled and were later mounted on a new steel underframe, again supplied by the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd., in 1910 to become F.66, operating in this formation in reguar traffic until 1999, making it the last of the original “Pairs” to remain in use.

The carriage in its paired form survived in service until 1979 when it was withdrawn and partially rebuilt.  At this point the panelling was amended so that the lower portions were in one section, rather like the large “F” carriages.  It was also allocated a retrospective No.1 fleet number in an attempt to make the carriages somehow appear older (!) and was the only such vehicle to be treated in this way, reverting to F.66 a short time later.

The internal layout remains as built, being three open-backed third class compartments sparsely furnished.  The carriage featured in a television adaptation of The Ginger Tree in 1988.  Latterly it was used as a spare carriage and stored on the Birkenhead Siding at Port Erin Station, and was last repainted from the maroon and cream scheme into the then-standard purple lake and off-white in 1995, the livery it still carries today.

Since withdrawal in 1999 it has been stored at various locations including the goods yard at Port St. Mary, Homefield Bus Garage and is currently in a hangar at Jurby Airfield. The last repaint featured non-prototypical class designations on the compartment doors in gold shaded in blue.

Fleet No.:








F.66 (B.11 & B.15)


Paired 1910

7’ 0”

10’ 0”

Open 3rd / Open 3rd


Jurby Airfield

F.66 in July 1969 at Port Erin Station on the bay platform in the standard red and cream livery of the time; no class designations.

Still in the two-tone brown livery in May 1956, F.66 seen at Douglas Station; the red and cream scheme would later be applied.

In use during filming in April 1988 for the adaptation of The Ginger Tree showing the suitable austere interior.

Outside the carriage shed in April 1965 F.66 was still in serviceable condition, at Douglas Station when not required in service.

F.66 in June 1969 at Douglas Station on the bay platform in the standard red and cream livery of the time; no class designations.

August 1980 and F.66 at Port Soderick as “No.1” with the yellow stick-on fleet decals of the period, note the altered lower panelling.

In August 1980 the crude attempt to renumber the carriage as No.1 seen at Ballasalla Station; perhaps plastic stick-on letters weren't too apt?!

In her latter days in traffic F.66 carried this variant on the purple lake livery with off-white windows unique to the carriage.

October 2021 and F.66 in storage in a hangar at Jurby Airfield, note the modified panelling following the last partial rebuild.

F.66 in July 1969 on the bay line at Port Erin Station; it would latterly be stored here as spare carriage on the Birkenhead siding.

In December 2022 F.66 was spotted leaving Port St. Mary goods yard for a new home in an aircraft hangar on Jurby airfield.

Outside the carriage shed in 1977 F.66 in the familiar red and cream livery looking somewhat the worse for wear prior to partial rebuild.