The F” Series : Small Half-Brakes

These were the first two bogie vehicles to be partially dedicated to luggage space and were broadly similar vehicles, the obvious visual difference being the luggage compartment panelling on F.19 which had more beading than F.20; they were the precursors to the later “Large F”s beginning with F.33 and eventually amassing eight in total of which only F.49 remains in traffic today.  Constructed on timber underframes they were both in storage at St. John’s in the carriage shed when it went on fire in December 1975 and both were lost; the Supporters’ Association have been vocal advocates of constructing a replica as they are the only type of carriage not represented today.

Half-Brake Carriage F.19 (1894)

Brown, Marshall & Co., Ltd. 

Half-Brake Carriage F.20 (1896)

Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd.