Further Works On No.5 Mona  : 9th April

Work by volunteers from the Association is continuing in the goods shed at Port St. Mary Station where No.5 Mona is in the process of being cosmetically restored.  The handrails formerly on No.12 Hutchinson have been trial fitted as well as clack pipes formerly on No.10 G.H. Wood to see how much adaptation is needed for them to be a good fit on No.5, with adapters being fabricated for the clack pipes.  The locomotive is now really beginning to take shape.

Some patches have also been welded on the smokebox in order to make it easier to fill some of the holes during the final painting process which is due to commence next month.  The final bit of gloss painting, applying the spring green livery to the cab sheets has also been completed ahead of the final coat.  Some of the smaller items such as the cover plates from the injectors have also been glossed and are now ready to be fitted as work continues with regular working parties.